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Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials

What is Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials?

A spinal cord stimulator (SCS) examines the potential benefits of using the device to manage chronic pain such as failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, neuropathic pain and/or other disorders. . It delivers electrical impulses to the spinal cord to alleviate pain signals. A trial is often conducted to evaluate its effectiveness.

How Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials Done?

Electrode leads are placed in the epidural area connected to an external, wearable simulator device. The parameters may be adjusted for optimal comfort scheduling. Patients are closely monitored during the time in order to conclude a suitable solution. If it is deemed fit, a device will be surgical implanted for a longer period of time.

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Spinal stiffness or frozen joints? Consider it taken care of! We offer Epidural Steroid Injections to relieve lower back pain and Joint Injections to reduce inflammation in shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees and ankles — with more treatments for any condition!

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